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As one of the East Coast’s most exciting independent artists to emerge, Sof has begun forging a unique path in the pop music realm. After her emotional cover of Britney Spears' "Criminal" went viral on YouTube in 2018, Sof began drawing the attention of listeners across the globe, receiving millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares on TikTok.


Her debut EPs, Dawn, released in January 2022, and Dusk, released in September 2022, garnered much praise from critics and fans with The Digest calling the projects “a powerful delivery of sentimentality that can resonate with everyone” and pinning her as one of “32 New Jersey Bands and Artists You Need to Hear in 2022.” 

Continuing the momentum into 2023, Sof released BUH-BYE!, a catchy R&B-fueled earworm that acts as a gut-punch to all men who sabotage their platonic friendships with women for sexual gratification. She followed that up with another feminist anthem titled Wonder Woman, a collaboration with alternative R&B artist, TomboyJ. She closed out the year by moving across the country to LA, where she has begun crafting her next project.

Her new single, BREAKFAST IN BED feat. Danny Polo is out now.

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