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One of the East Coast's most exciting independent artists to emerge, New Jersey native Sof has begun forging a unique path in the pop music realm. After her emotional cover of Britney Spears’ Criminal went viral on YouTube, Sof began drawing the attention of listeners across the globe, receiving millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares on TikTok. Her debut single, Inertia, released in November of 2019, garnered praise from critics and fans with calling the track “infectious” and pinning her as one of “31 New Jersey Bands You Need to Hear in 2020.”


With a “knack for addictive songwriting,” rich vocals, and an enigmatic aura surrounding her, Sof is an undeniable talent.
 In 2020, in lieu of COVID-19 and limited resources, the singer began learning how to record and produce on her own. In collaboration with Philadelphia-based producer, Tyler Toomey, she recorded, arranged, co-wrote, and co-produced her follow-up single, Bloom in her childhood bedroom during quarantine.


In May 2021, Sof released her third single, Movement, a disco-pop track produced by Russell Hayden. Through a driving beat, cleverly veiled lyrics, and violins reminiscent of late 70s disco hits, Sof emphasizes the importance of perfect harmony between relaxation and determination.


On August 6th, Sof released fruit water szn, her fourth single before the release of her debut EP. She quickly followed that up with fruit water szn (Stripped) on September 22nd.

Her debut EP, Dawn, is out now featuring two new songs, I Had A Dream and Awake.